Hello Shenzhen

Hello Shenzhen is a bilateral residency exchange programme connecting makers in the UK and China. As maker in residence I am working on a project, "Strata pace layer products", developing a new model for sustainable distributed manufacturing of products in collaboration with Katrine Hesseldahl. 

During the residency we explored the urban villages in Shenzhen and made furniture with materials and manufacturing found exclusively in the urban village of Shawei. We did this to test our developed logic for how products could be perceived, designed and even owned. We aim to design with the different life expectancies/ paces of the different parts of products in mind. The logic is based on the theory of “pace layers” originally by Steward Brand. We are interested in exploring how the “recipe” or “protocol” of our designed product works and is interpreted in different contexts of manufacturing. Sha Wei is a unique urban village in a unique city, and it was interesting to see what a product created super locally, with only materials, skills and machines found within Sha Wei, will look like. A big part of this residency, besides developing our design through “Shenzhen speed”-prototyping, is the case study of this particular type of production. With this, our project becomes about designing interventions rather than just a specific object. 


We also hosted a workshop at Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab where we invited people to personalise their own chairs. By providing a base structure, materials and tools, the participants could make the chair personal and take it home with them after the workshop.